Sunday, March 05, 2006

3/5/06 Palm Springs Half Marathon

On Sunday March 5th, approximately 400 runners participated in the Palm Springs Half Marathon. The race was appropriately held the same day as the Academy Awards since some of the runners (namely me) were starring in a role that required a good deal of acting. Specifically, acting like I knew what I was doing since I have only done one other half marathon before and that one was a trail race. I knew this role would require going faster than marathon pace and slower than 5K pace, but there's a lot of room for improv in there. I felt great for the first eleven miles, and then came the "Crash." As it turned out, I averaged a 7:12 pace, ran a 1:34:05, and was the 8th female, 2nd in my division. So I didn't win, but like they say, it's an honor just to be nominated, right? I'd like to thank the Academy, my co-star Brian P. for running the last quarter mile with me, and my director John Medina for guiding the way.
"Good Night, and Good Luck."
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