Sunday, February 10, 2008

02/09/08 Buffalo Half Marathon - Catalina

It ain't easy being green... especially if you are trying to run a hilly half marathon in warm weather.

Everything started pretty well, maybe too well. I began the steep uphill climb doing about 8 minute miles. Then at mile 3, I got hot and cold and nauseated. My skin had goosebumps and was beginning to resemble a cactus. Fellow Mountain Goat runner Keith passed me as I pulled off the course, and he later told me that I "didn't look well." The race official informed me that I was going the wrong way and I responded that I needed a moment. The moment turned into 18 minutes as I pondered which end the inner alien would chose to escape. My fear was that it would choose the most direct route through my belly button like a scene from a movie. Eventually, the demons were exorcised and I continued on my way. I was now with the back-of-the-packers who were so kind with words of encouragement as I tried to whiz by them in slow motion.
Since I had not trained very hard, this was supposed to be a "fun and easy" run, but I learned something rather interesting about myself: Apparently, I don't believe in "fun and easy" running. Despite my intestinal turmoil and below average position on the course, I did anything but take it "easy." I was now desperately trying to make up for lost time - on a clock that wasn't even supposed to be ticking. Nausea, warm weather, under-training: Not exactly the combination to a successful finish. 2:24:05, 96th overall, 9th in my division. So I've now re-defined successful finish to mean that I finished eventually. The "successful" part will be the lesson learned: just because I want to run fast doesn't mean that I can run fast, especially if I'm green.
Click here for Buffalo Run video!

A little less green after the race was over.

Even a bad race at Catalina is still a great day!

Thanks to Erick Potel for the photos!