Monday, October 06, 2008

10/04/08 Femmoto!

Dear Men,
I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to ride motorcycles on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend. But Femmoto is a women only motorcycle event in Las Vegas where the ladies get a chance to try out new factory motorcycles on a track. Although Laura, Robyn and myself certainly wished that a select few of your species had accompanied us to this event, the temptation it might have caused would have bordered on being unbearable, like being at a Victoria's Secret Clearance sale with a maxed out credit card. Prohibiting your testosterone-fueled desire to ride these magnificent machines would've caused momentary musings of gender reassignment surgery...
The freedom we women got to experience while riding the track without trying to impress you allowed us to simply enjoy ourselves and feel at ease with our fellow female riders. If you've ever taken off your bra at the end of a really hot summer day, you'd know what I mean, oh nevermind.
If you are still reading this, you are probably starting to think that I'm talking too much, so I'll share a few photos with you. The fact that the latest copy of "Performance Bikes" magazine had fewer words than pictures reminds me of how "visual" you are.

Normally I'm not the kind of girl that likes to hang out with a lot of girls for an entire day, but Femmoto wasn't just a bunch of us talking about nails or make-up. In fact there were a lot of what I like to refer to as "non-make-up-moments" as in it's a good thing I wasn't wearing make-up because it would've been smeared all the way to the back of my head right now. In particular, riding on the back with Ducati racer Larry Pelgram was more thrilling than combining every roller coaster I have ever been on - even the ones that made me throw up.
So in conclusion, I am sorry that you weren't there. But at the same time, I'm also relieved that you weren't because I'm pretty certain that this opportunity would've been too much for your testosterone-induced yearning to wreak havoc.
Okay, I'm done speaking. You can go back to "reading" your motorcycle magazines now!
And remember, if dinner isn't on the table next October, it's probably because she's at Femmoto!
Angela Brunson, just one of the many Women of Femmoto