Monday, August 22, 2005

Why I Didn't Run... 8/22/05

Other runners may be able to relate to that oft repeated question, "So why do you run?" I suspect that there are as many answers as there are runners. But I've just discovered that NO ONE ever asks, "Why don't you run?" or "Why didn't you run ____ race?" For the first time, I was just asked whether or not I ran a particular race and for the first time, my answer was actually "no." After the initial "no" it seemed as though some sort of explanation was required, but I really didn't have one. At least, none that would have actually been truthful or understandable. See the person asking me why I wasn't at a particular race was probably assuming a) I might have been so far ahead of them that they just didn't see me, or b) I was so far behind them that they just didn't see me, or c) I must have been significantly injured, as in full body cast, otherwise I most surely would have competed, or d) some sort of freakish act of nature prevented my attendance (volcanic lava flow surrounded my entire neighborhood the morning of race day, or my apartment was swept up in a hurricane and dropped off in Kansas just as the race started...etc.) Although I did ponder the credibility of spouting off one of those answers just to say something, I realized that when it comes down to it, there is really no good answer to the "how come you didn't run" question, especially since I'm too polite to say "none of your G-- D--- business." I simply wasn't there, I wasn't injured, and this is southern California where there are no active volcanoes and it is sunny and pleasant each and every day. So I guess that is as good as a reason as any to make sure that I WILL be there at the next race!

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