Saturday, February 11, 2006

5K Goal 2/11/06

Ran the Los Angeles Kings 5K this morning in 19:35!!!
Napping now, more details later.

(Yawn... stretch, rub sleepy eyes).
It was a brilliant day for running in downtown Los Angeles and an even better day for going to a hockey game and then taking a nap!

My history with the LA Kings 5K race resembles a roller coaster ride. Let's review my love/hate relationship with this particular event:

2002: First Annual Kings 5K. This was a "love" year. The first year they had it, I was first female and the prize was a SUITE to a Kings game! Myself and 19 of my friends had a great time in that suite so the pressure was on to win it again the next year.

2003: Second Annual Kings 5K. Unfortunately, this was my first and only DNF (did not finish). Out of all the marathons and ultras I've done, the only time I've ever quit was during this particular 5K. In my defense, I had pneumonia and probably should not have even attempted it, but really wanted to win again. I tried my best for about two miles, then my lungs started making really unhealthy wheezing sounds. This was a "hate" year.

2004: Third Annual Kings 5K. This was another "love" year. Although I ran one of my fastest times, I only received second place. But even so, the prize was a really cool Kings jersey - something I had always wanted. Turns out, the first place female received a jersey too, but hers was signed by one of the players. The prizes did not include a suite, so I was relieved.

2005: No race this year due to the NHL lockout - clearly a "hate" year.

2006: Ran a PR, got third place. It was my friend Reggie's first 5K. Then we went to the Kings game where the Kings won in overtime! Happy that hockey came back, that I got my PR and that the Kings finally broke a seven game losing streak. I was especially happy that the cat was napping on the couch so I had the bed all to myself during my nap.

Undeniably, there is a very distinct pattern of ups and downs that has been established over the past few years with this race. I certainly don't want to disregard this little history lesson, so I may decide to skip this race next year!

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Jimmy Dean Freeman said...

GO SHARKS! *playful wink*

Congrats on the PR, Angela! That is a SMOKIN time!!! Woooohooo!