Saturday, December 01, 2007

What is a Bozzee?

First let's define some basic vocabulary needed to understand this post...

Nike+ iPod Sport Kit: The geniuses at Nike and Apple have created this 2 piece combo which includes 1) a sensor that goes into a hole in the insole of specially built Nike shoes, and 2) a receiver that plugs into your iPod Nano. The kit costs $29.95.

Nike+ shoe: Shoes that have a special hole in the inside of the left insole where the sensor goes. These shoes start at about $85.00. And there are NO TRAIL models that support the Sport Kit combo (which is why Bozzee is so great!)

Sensor: About the size of three stacked quarters. It magically sends information to the receiver attachment to your iPod so your mileage and other data can be seen on your iPod display. The sensor is the orange thing below that has an apple and a Nike swoosh on it.

iPod Nano: If you don't know what this is, ask the nearest 12 year old kid and they will show you theirs. It is like a "walkman" only way cooler. The iPod Nano is the white thing below with a display screen and a gray dial. The receiver is the smaller white box attached to the iPod Nano.

Okay. Now what is a Bozzee?

It is this cool little plastic carrier that holds your Nike iPod chip on any shoe you want. Now you don't have to only use Nike+ shoes in order to get your cool Nike+ iPod Sport Kit to work.

Now, I am not much of a gadget guru, and it shames me to admit this, but at first I was honestly confused by the Bozzee instructions. For some reason, I thought that the "sled" was encrypted with the same information as the sensor that goes inside the bottom of Nike+ shoes. So I put the sled on my shoe, plugged my Sport Kit receiver into my iPod, then jogged around my living room waiting to hear Lance Armstrong's voice. In other words, I thought the "sled" was a REPLACEMENT for the sensor. In my defense, nowhere in the directions does it state "Place the sensor ON THE SLED." But luckily, I'm not just a pretty face and eventually, I figured it out. Wore it trail running on Saturday for an 8 mile run in the Santa Monica mountains. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Used the "timed workout" feature because I already knew the distance of my run ahead of time. Also think it's great because Nike doesn't make any Nike+ trail shoes so the entire Sport Kit is useless you want to run in Nike+ street shoes on trails (and enjoy your iPod while being treated in the emergency room). Other "run-nerds" have started noticing it and getting extremely jealous. One of them had previously tried duct taping the sensor to the laces of their shoes, but it didn't work and he had to buy a whole new Sport Kit when his sensor fell off the shoe and got lost.
For more information on how to enjoy your Nike iPod Sport Kit in your trail shoes, or any other pair of Non-Nike shoes, visit
Happiness & Health to you in the New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Angela - Thanks for the review, was considering which holder to go with and think Bozzee might be the one for me.