Saturday, March 29, 2008

03/29/08 Death Valley Run - Titus Canyon

Larry Meyers organized a fantastic running trip to Titus Canyon in Death Valley. March is a nice time to go because it was not too hot, not too cold and there were even some beautiful wildflowers!

Thirteen miles uphill, then thirteen more downhill. As the run progressed deeper into the canyon, the walls got closer and closer together and formed spectacular rock formations. There is very little traffic, just a few adventure motorcyclists, and the canyon is one-way.

Halfway point.

After doing about fifteen miles, I decided to appreciate the rest of the canyon from the car. Whether on foot or not, the canyon was really scenic and very other-worldly!
Afterwards, we went to Scotty's Castle which is this magnificent place in the middle of absolutely nowhere and it didn't actually belong to Scotty at all.

Scotty had an appreciation for guns and music - a man after my own heart! Oh my Scotty, what a big organ you've got there!

Death Valley is a magical place. Titus Canyon and Scotty's Castle are just a small part of the area. Anywhere you go out there, it is sure to be an experience like no other!

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