Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 18 - July 21 Motorcycle Trip

Our amazing journey began in Los Angeles on a brand new rented Honda ST1300 motorcycle (it only had 18 miles on it). We traveled up the famous Highway 1 to San Luis Obispo where we visited with friends and went rock climbing, then continued north to Hearst Castle, and eventually to Monterey for the U.S. Moto Grand Prix Race at Laguna Seca Raceway.

July 19 - Hearst Castle

Lorenzo in front of the main entrance.

The 350,000 gallon pool.

"Hearst Angel, Hearst Angel... Would you be mine?"

Monterey was chilly, so we went to Fisherman's Wharf for some fish 'n chips, delicious clam chowder, and beer (but it seemed more appropriate to call it "ale"). As soon as we arrived in Monterey, we started seeing a lot of motorcycles.

Ordinary motorcycles.

And not so ordinary ones.

Ask anyone who's been to the U.S. Moto Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, and they will tell you that you MUST go to Cannery Row the night before the race to see all the motorcycles on display.

Here is a miniature version of Valentino Rossi's bike - just my size!!!

The bikes at Cannery Row came in every shape and color.

Tad and Robyn are not exactly "green" with envy about this one.

There were a lot of people trying to eat dinner on Cannery Row. We got "hosed" at every restaurant we tried, but eventually we had a really great meal as we were serenaded by the sounds of engines outside.

July 20 - U.S. Moto Grand Prix, Laguna Seca RacewayParking the motorcycle at the event was no problem at all.

"Tad, will you please remember where we parked?"

Finding the bike later however, might be a bit tricky...

The promotional booths at the race track had all sorts of motorcycles, everything from A to Z: Aprilia bikes, Buell bikes, custom bikes, Ducati bikes, energy efficient bikes, flashy bikes, GSX-R bikes, Hayabusa bikes, impressive bikes, Jagermaister bikes, Kawasaki bikes, little bikes, Moto Guzzi bikes, nitrus-powered bikes, one-of-a-kind bikes, pink bikes, quirky bikes, Road King bikes, Suzuki bikes, Triumph bikes, ugly bikes, Victory bikes, wild bikes, XT-660 bikes, Yamaha bikes, and of course ZZR 1400 bikes.

Tall bike: Lookout below!!!

Custom bike: Bling Bling!

VFR 800 (aka: Lorenzo's next purchase!)

Somewhere underneath Robyn's drool lies a Suzuki GXR.

Green Ninja? Not so good.

Blue Ninja - much better!

Ducati Island was really a sea of red.

When the race started, we were so thankful that we brought ear plugs. The race bikes were brain-melting loud and terror-inspiring fast!

First lap - Casey Stoner (red Ducati) leads with Hayden (orange Honda) and Rossi (blue Yamaha) right behind.

First Lap - Stoner still leads and Rossi has the inside advantage on Hayden as they round the turn.

First lap - the rest of the field is right behind!

Later in the race, Rossi and Stoner battle it out.

Rossi is a furious blur of speed!

Rossi's pit crew sign reflects his nickname "The Doctor"

Rossi's victory wheelie!

The podium - Rossi (under the Italian flag in the middle), Stoner (Australian flag on the left) and Vermulen (Australian flag on the right).

After watching a terrific race, the fans were treated to a stunt show on the track.

Lorenzo and I on the track - now if only I could borrow Rossi's bike...

After the race, lots of riders began the journey from the track, including this "Shark."

Bikes, bikes...

and more bikes.

My view over Lorenzo's shoulder of the rear view mirror reflecting yep, more bikes.

My own stunt show was performed for the purpose of taking pictures without Lorenzo's helmet in the way, but it also served to amuse the riders directly behind me.

Our travel companions Robyn and Tad leave the track. The "DANGER" sign stayed behind.

Robyn and Tad on Hondas. Photo by Angela on the back of a Honda being driven by Lorenzo.

The drive home was beautiful, but still a little chilly until we returned back to the sunny southern part of California.
800 miles in four days, on a motorcycle, with companions on motorcycles, to see others race on motorcycles. It was worth every tushie-testing mile!

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