Monday, February 06, 2012

Revisiting Priorities

Sometimes wanting something so much makes you gain a new perspective on how much you actually want something else. For instance, wanting to get cast in a new show about an ultra-adventure race has made me realize that other goals which I previously felt were quite pressing are actually doing just fine sitting on a back burner for now. Of course, this new dream hasn't disrupted ALL of my ambitions - I still feel just as strongly as ever about world peace, preventing childhood obesity, and stronger consequences for those who continue to text while driving. 
So to clarify, here are the lists:

Things I Really Want, But Have Accepted I Will Never Get
  1. My name on the Stanley Cup
  2. An Olympic Medal, preferably in "Bacon Eating" but any sport will do
  3. A jet pack
  4. A delicious non-fat, calorie-free cupcake that continually regenerates itself
Things I Really Want, But Would Feel An Enormous Burden Of Guilt If I Actually Got
  1. The new Acura NSX
  2. A maid
  3. A personal assistant
  4. An entire new wardrobe
Things I Really Want To Do or Achieve, And Might Actually Accomplish
  1. A 3:15 marathon
  2. Make more charitable contributions
  3. Save the life of a human or animal
  4. Get cast in "Unbreakable"
  5. Participate in more "epic" events
  6. Finish reading a book, any book

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