Saturday, May 27, 2006

5/27/06 Racing Downstream

This was the only weekend this month that I didn't have to run a race so my friends and I went river rafting! I hadn't slept the night before because of a late hockey game. Staci had never gone rafting so she was a little nervous. Michael had us laughing our heads off during the three hour drive. And Joanna was the token "sane" friend.

Staci, Joanna, and Michael on the bus.

Angela & Michael couldn't hurt each other despite our best efforts because the life jacket provided too much protection. Hey, maybe we should wear those ALL the TIME!

Staci and Michael get comfortable on the water!

After surviving a horrific bike accident, Michael's tushie hurt every time he hit a bump. Here you can see how brave and stoic he is despite the agony coming from his back side!

We survived and were pretty pleased to be back on land. Little Miss "I've Never Been Rafting" Staci is excited about going again! One of the highlights was watching Michael try to ingest gallons of river water through his face. My second favorite part was the nap during the car ride home while Joanna drove!

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