Wednesday, June 20, 2007

06/20/07 Denver

First stop - ESPN Zone in Downtown Denver where the weather was 97 degrees outside. Had a terrific lunch with my brother, played video games until our brains imploded and saw this sneak preview of tonight's game at Coors Field: a model of the stadium made out of Coors labels and caps. Pretty cool, if you like Coors or the Colorado Rockies...

Ric bowling at ESPN Zone.

After zoning out at the Zone, we went over to the stadium for the pre-game activities (aka: ordering more food from our seats in the Club Level!)

My first ever Yankees (and Rockies) ticket!

Batting practice.
The famous "Rock Pile."

Derek Jeter swings!

The Brunson kids chow down on ball park grub.

The Yankees may have lost, but good times were had,
at least until the indigestion started.

What's the perfect cure for the morning-after a Yankees loss-hangover? Touring the Coors brewery! After spending a night at the uber-hip The Curtis Hotel , Ric drove the sleepy sister towards Vail for hockey camp. The drive is about 2 hours and goes right past Golden, Colorado: home of the Coors Brewery. Normally, this would not interest me, but when the little brother mentioned "free samples" there was a sudden urgency to learn more about this historic site.

We started drinking before noon. Mom would be less than proud...

Beer can be fashionable!

At this altitude, it is important to stay hydrated!

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