Sunday, April 27, 2008

04/26/08 Mt. Baldy

Camping the night before with a pre-dinner session of glow in the dark frisbee, cooking hot dogs on sticks, and basking in the warmth of the fire with friends - I never wanted it to end, but there was that pesky training schedule... The group started around 9am. There were 8 hikers planning on doing various distances up the Sierra Club Hut Trail (pink dashed line) and 4 runners training for the Bishop High Sierra race on May 17th who were going to run up and down, and perhaps up and down a second time, on the fire road for a total of 20 miles (purple dotted line).

Standing: Mat, Edward, Libby, Aaron, Theresa, Anthony, Eric's folks.
Kneeling: Lorenzo, Lisa, Angela, Eric.

Lisa drags Angela away from camp. Edward is wide awake.

Eric's folks enjoy the waterfall.

The run became more of a "slog" (slow-jog), but it gave us more time to enjoy the scenery!

Eric and Lisa protected their eyes from the snow-shine.

Devil's Backbone (elevation 8,400 feet). Lisa and Angela climbed the Devil's Backbone tree for some advanced altitude training.
Suffering from a lingering cold, carrying a way-too-full pack, breaking in a new pair of socks - just some of the excuses I used to turn the second trip up into a hike and cut it short at the ski lifts. Total distance: 16 miles. But I'll try for more again on May 11th.

It was the first time Libby has camped in, well in quite some time. And congrats to her for a successful hike to the Sierra Club Hut! Her first hike since... well, way too long. So hopefully she can join us again very soon!

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