Tuesday, April 08, 2008

4/4/08-4/7/08 Mom's visit!

Friday, April 4th - The Craft & Folk Art Museum

This is the place where creativity and a lot of free time combine to make really unique pieces. Where else could I have bought a purse made from beer cans?

Mom at the entrance of the Craft & Folk Art Museum on Wilshire Blvd.

Saturday, April 5th - The Great Race of Agoura

Mom has been the official "cheerleader" for me at many races and marathons. This time, it was our first Mother-Daughter event where we would BOTH be participating in a 5K at the Great Race of Agoura.

Mom's first bib number!

Jet-lagged and still on Eastern time, just getting to the start at the top of a steep hill was quite an accomplishment for Mom!

Mom, Coach John, me and Lorenzo at the start.
Combined ages = 197 years young!

More than halfway done, and having a great time!

Mom's finish - 59:47, that's an average pace of 19:18 minutes per mile! Yay Mom! Click here for results.

Lorenzo and I also did the 10K. And I have to admit that I was a little tired afterwards...

After a hard day of racing, we decided to relax at the last game of the season for the L.A. Kings. Mom & Angela & Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky in front of Staples Center.

Hooray for our favorite second-to-last-place team!

Queen Joanne and Princess Angela on the thrones. Even though the Kings lost, it was still a terrific day - nachos, beer and caramel apples!

Sunday, April 6th - Marina del Rey & Santa Barbara

After her first 5K, Mom continued to make history with her first kayaking experience.

Mom and Lorenzo get set to take the plunge!

I chased Mom and Lorenzo around the marina for an hour. Then we drove to Santa Barbara where we feasted on seafood and clam chowder.

When I was in 3rd grade, my nickname was "shrimp" - probably because I was about as big as this one. So here I am demonstrating my cannabalism skills.

I couldn't believe he got the whole thing in his mouth! Apparently, Lorenzo couldn't believe it either!

It's easy to be a "strong eater" when the food was that good!

Mom and I both found sand dollars on the beach!

We saw seals, a sting ray, and lots of real dolphins too!

Monday, April 7th - Brunch & Motorcycle Ride & Old Fashioned Meatloaf

My good friend Laura has a two year old and is pregnant with her second child, so it's been difficult to catch up with her hectic schedule. Mom and I finally got a chace to reunite with Lexie (which she proudly pronounces as "Sexy!") for an entertaining brunch in Santa Monica. Who knew a simple drinking straw could be so much fun?

A 5K race, kayaking, hiking in Santa Barbara... Mom officially became an adrenaline junkie! What's next, motorcycle riding?


After her test ride, Mom made one of my childhood favorites: meatloaf! Then a quick nap and my Lady Kings semi-final playoff game.

We won 4-1!

I was so glad Mom was there to see it. In fact, the entire weekend would not have been nearly as special without Mom!

More pictures of good times with Mom can be found here!

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