Monday, September 17, 2007

09/15/07-09/16/07 Joshua Tree

Sleeping under the stars, hotdogs & s'mores around the campfire, juggling, lots of climbing of course, and people doing something new for the first time of their life.

Rebecca's FIRST time climbing outdoors!

My first climb of the day after a Saturday morning run.
Rebecca's first mini-camera.

My first: set up a top rope, rappel down that rope, then climb back up it.

Gloria & Mauricio

Agnes & Harold

The Wall of Absurdities

Lorenzo places gear at Hemingway.

Rebecca uses her head and later her chin at the Hemingway Buttress.

Edward gave impromptu juggling lessons.

Gray took some of the most amazing photos.
The next five shots are from his camera:

1) A "couple" of us at Wall of Absurdities.

2) It's Pomegranite Soda!

3) The girls bravely stood between Edward and Lorenzo during their amazing night time juggling display with glowing clubs!

4) Just after sunset.

5) The moon and a Joshua Tree at night. So serene.

Gray is "King of the S'mores!"

Angela, Mauricio, Gloria, Gray, Agnes & Harold.

Zo heads up the rock!

Those were just a few of my favorite pictures.
Click here to see Lorenzo's full gallery of the trip.

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